The World Market for Veterinary Diagnostics, 7th Edition

22 Jan 2024

Diagnostic testing plays a crucial role in animal healthcare, offering veterinarians a diverse range of tests for disease identification and monitoring. The efficacy of diagnostic testing relies on swift, reliable, and accurate methods, facilitating informed diagnoses. Despite various challenges, the veterinary diagnostics market has shown consistent growth and is forecasted to continue on this trajectory. This sector presents a rapidly expanding market opportunity for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies and others who can leverage the ongoing demand to ensure agricultural productivity and address the rise in consumer spending on companion animals.

The World Market for Veterinary Diagnostics, 7th Edition meticulously examines the global veterinary diagnostics market, focusing on two key components: companion animal (pets) diagnostics and food animal diagnostics.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of major veterinary disease markets, offering insights into overall market performance and development. Key data points include:

  • Total Global Animal Diagnostic Testing Market, 2023-2028 (in millions $ at manufacturer level)
  • Global Veterinary Diagnostic Testing Market Share by Region, 2023 (US, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, RoW)
  • Food Animal Diagnostics Market by Infectious Disease (Bovine Viral Diarrhea [BVD], Classical Swine Fever [CSF], Enzootic Bovine Leukosis [EBL], Infectious Bovine Tracheitis [IBR], Porcine Coronavirus Diseases [PEDv, PDCoV, TGE], Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome [PRRS], Pseudorabies/Aujeszky’s, Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies [TSEs], Other), 2023

The World Market for Veterinary Diagnostics, 7th Edition contains the following market data points for both the food animal and companion animal segments:

  • Global Animal Diagnostic Testing Market by Animal Segment, 2023-2028
  • Veterinary Companion Diagnostics Market Segmentation, 2023 (Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Assays and Instruments, Non-Infect Immunodiagnostics, and Other Analyzers and Reagents)
  • Market Size and Growth for United States Diagnostic Testing Market, 2023-2028
  • Market Size and Growth for European Diagnostics Testing Market (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Rest of Europe), 2023-2028
  • Market Size and Growth for Asia Pacific Diagnostic Testing Market (Australia, China, Japan, Rest of Asia Pacific), 2023-2028
  • Market Size and Growth for Latin America Companion Animal Diagnostic Testing Market (Brazil, Mexico, Rest of Latin America), 2023-2028
  • Market Size and Growth for Rest of World Diagnostic Testing Market (including Canada), 2023-2028
  • RoW Companion Animal Diagnostic Testing by Country Percent, 2023

Companies Covered

The following companies are covered in this report.

  • Agrolabo S.p.A.
  • Antech
  • Bionote
  • EKF Diagnostics
  • Eurolyser Diagnostica
  • Gold Standard Diagnostics
  • Heska Corporation
  • Indical Bioscience
  • LexaGene
  • Mars Petcare
  • Megacor Diagnostik GmbH
  • Neogen Corporation
  • Randox
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc
  • URIT
  • Virbac Corporation
  • Zoetis Inc

Scope and Methodology

This report was assembled using both secondary and primary data. Data from Kalorama Information’s previous edition of The World Market for Veterinary Diagnostics, in addition to company annual reports, trade publications, government and veterinary literature, were used as a foundation for estimates and forecasts. Interviews with executives at four veterinary diagnostic testing companies were conducted and are a key source of estimates for the market. Kalorama Information focuses on estimates of manufacturer revenues for business planning.

The geographical scope is global with an emphasis on the United States, Europe and other key markets including Japan, China, India, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

All revenues are at the manufacturer’s level in U.S. dollars. The base year for data was 2023, with forecast data provided for 2023 through 2028. The forecasted market analysis for 2023-2028 was largely based on demographic trends, new developments, innovative technology and global expansion.


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