IVD Market Trends Report, March 2023

17 Mar 2023

Diagnostic testing continues to be a valuable resource to help physicians arrive at a diagnosis. Additionally, it has gone from helping the physician to diagnose illness to providing the physician with invaluable information on treatments such as precision medicine. Now, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, new products, changes in global health spending, regulatory changes in major markets and disease trends are among the factors that produce a constantly changing market picture but one that remains resilient. Ultimately, the IVD market remains dynamic, demonstrating constant innovations.

In IVD Market Trends Report, March 2023, Kalorama Information analyses and answers:

  • What’s Driving Growth in the IVD Market since Q1 2022 and into Q1 2023?
  • What Major Trends have been Affecting the Market since Q1 2022 and into Q1 2023?
  • How Has COVID-19 Impacted and Continued to Impact the Market?
  • What Product Trends and New Developments Will Shape the IVD Market?

Kalorama Information continues to be diligent in outlining the IVD market and its rapidly changing landscape. Kalorama Information has been and continues to be superior in accessing the market due to the extensive experience of its analysts and commitment by the company to present the most accurate data available.


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