Cell and Gene Therapy Market and Deals Analysis, 2023: Financings, Partnering, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tech Transfers, IPOs, and Other Deals

22 May 2023

This report, Kalorama's Cell and Gene Deals and Market Analysis, tracks the dealmaking and market opportunity for cell and gene therapy companies.  A lot of attention is being given to the areas related to cell and gene therapy (CGT) recently. Kalorama's latest report finds that the volume of deals between companies and other funding entities involving CGT is up, and companies have continued to receive large amounts of investment despite a decline from 2021 levels of investment.  

Kalorama's CGT deals amounted to a staggering $40 billion in 2022.

While the concepts of gene therapy and cell therapy have been investigated for decades, there were major challenges in the early years.  Through incremental progress, and the gradual introduction of enabling tools such as CRISPR and next-generation sequencing (NGS), cell and gene therapy has emerged into a highly active area.  There are now many approved therapies with proven track records. 

As the new tools have lowered the barriers to entry for the industry, over 1,500 companies have been created or have become involved.

The following is just some of the information in this report:

  • Most Active Deal-Making Companies
  • Deals per Month, April 2021-March 2023
  • Deals by Type - Technology/Research/Strategic Collaboration; Venture Capital/Private Investment; Acquisition, Merger, Strategic Investment; Licensing; Public Offering/SPAC; Manufacturing, Supply Chain; Outreach, Philanthropy, Education; Distribution, Co-Marketing; Spinout, Restructure; Conclude/Terminate Deal; Joint Venture; and Settle Litigation
  • Venture Capital and Private Funding Deals by Month, January 2021-March 2023 (Total count)
  • Regional Venture Capital/Private Funding Shares [North America, Europe, APAC, Rest of World] (%)
  • Total Number of Mergers and Acquisitions, By Month
  • Average Merger/Acquisition Amount, By Quarter [Q1 2021-Q1 2023] ($M)
  • List of M&As [Company 1, Company 2, Details, Amount, w/Milestones, Date]
  • Most Frequent Types of Deals, by Quarter, by Category [Technology/Research/Strategic Collaboration; Venture Capital/Private Investment; Acquisition, Merger, Strategic Investment; Licensing; Public Offering/SPAC; and Manufacturing, Supply Chain] (Total number)
  • Most Active Companies in Acquisition/Merger/ Strategic Investment
  • Most Active Companies in Overall Deals, Collaborations
  • Estimated Market Forecasts for Cell and Gene Therapies by Type (Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy)
  • Estimated Market Forecasts by Region (North America, EU, APAC, Other)
  • Estimated Market Forecasts for CGT by Disease Category (Oncology, Other) 

No report published by a major market research publisher has tackled the Cell and Gene Therapy dealmaking space as it exists in 2023 in a more comprehensive fashion.  As Cell and Gene Therapy is a highly competitive marketplace, hundreds of companies are referenced in this report.  


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