Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences

18 May 2023

We've Talked to Over 400 Life Scientists About Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences.  This report has the Results.  

What is the future of life science AI? How important will AI be to the work life of scientists? What purpose will life science intelligence serve? What comes to mind when scientists think about AI? What is their level of trust in AI-based systems? What brands do they trust?

This report, from BioInformatics (part of Science and Medicine Group) interviewed life science AI users, future users, and skeptics to answer these questions, and provide a whole sense of the opinion of AI in life sciences. Academic life scientists and those in the pharma and biopharma fields were surveyed for this report.  The report reflects the most current opinion on AI in life sciences.

those who are non-users or even skeptics - what's keeping them from using your product or AI-based enhancement? This is essential information for life science instrument companies and those developing technologies in the life science space.  If you have resources or surveys broadly of AI users but have not conducted a life-science specific survey, this report is an essential tool.

This report will provide readers with:

  • General sentiment towards AI in the life science marketplace.
  • Applications in which AI is most used and where scientists see a need for AI.
  • Barriers and motivators to adoption of AI into workflows.
  • Who scientists think are leading in life science AI among key organizations and brands developing AI or actively employing AI in their workflows.

BioInformatics designed an online quantitative survey to address the objectives.

The survey this report was based on was fielded to n=411 respondents, primarily members of the Science Advisory Board (SAB) -- a segment of the scientific community with a demonstrated willingness to participate in market research activities.