World Market for Blood Screening, 2022

5 Jan 2022



This Kalorama Information report, World Market for Blood Screening, focuses on the evolving, multibillion dollar global blood screening market. Blood screening is a medical process that scans the blood for infectious diseases or conditions. In developed nations, donated blood is screened for various pathogens. It is a mature market; however, growth comes from new technologies, increased volume and increased testing in developing nations.

Blood screening testing’s primary objectives are to monitor the appearance of newly discovered infectious agents in the blood supply, determine the causes of transfusion reactions of unknown etiology, assess the effectiveness of new donor screening methods, and evaluate the donation process to improve the adequacy of the blood supply.

Blood screening diagnostic markets are driven primarily by the aging of developed markets, new test applications and emerging markets, with the last probably the most important factor in an otherwise low-growth category. As developing nations decide to increase blood safety measures, NAT testing will drive growth in the market.


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