Market Opportunity Report: Environmental Testing Labs

19 Sep 2022

Commercial Environmental testing labs are a major end market for scientific instrumentation, making up a significant portion of the total demand for such instruments. These labs are found all around the world and have seen particular growth in emerging economies such as China, Singapore, and other APAC countries.  A growing world population and expanding industrialization has led to ever-increasing demand for these labs. Climate change resulting from rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere, plastic contaminants in water, and emissions from manufacturing are some of the many current issues that require monitoring through various environmental testing methods.  The role of these labs has become important for the health and safety of every person around the world, and their findings inform local, regional, and national policy decisions as well as future planning. Due to of the variation in types of contaminants, these labs use a variety of scientific instruments to monitor and analyze a wide range of environmental pollutants.  

The environmental testing lab market experienced a significant reduction in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, as funding and economic policies shifted in response. While the effects of the pandemic are still present in many regions of the world, demand for environmental testing has seen a substantial recovery.

Market Opportunity: Commercial Environmental Testing Lab Market 2022 report provides valuable market data and insights for 7 major technology groups used by commercial environmental testing labs. The worldwide market is segmented into seven regions: the United States & Canada, Europe, China, Japan, India & Other Asia-Pacific, and Latin America & the Rest of the World. This report provides estimates on total market size, annual projected market sizes over the next five years, and the associated CAGR, from 2021-2026, for analytical and life science instruments segmented by technique, region, industry source, and application. The 2021 market share for top suppliers in each technology segment is also provided in this market brief.


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