PCR Market Forecast & Perspectives

7 Oct 2022
From benchtop to bedside, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) instrumentation and consumables facilitate R&D in a wide variety of workflows. Despite being a standard lab technique, PCR is at the cutting edge of scientific innovation. Biotherapeutics hurdle the high regulatory standards of personalized medicine and translational research; PCR aids such novel innovations as well as routine laboratory research applications.

Many PCR applications will thrive in this complex environment, while others will face headwinds. In a time of historic inflation, the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, macroeconomic effects also have an influence on the life sciences and PCR markets. This analysis dives into research uses of PCR instrumentation, consumables, and service contracts used in applications like lab developed testing, sequencing, and environmental monitoring.

SDi surveyed PCR users at research laboratories to determine usage, types of experiments, equipment and brand preferences and purchase plans for PCR systems. Over 270 respondents from North America, Europe, and Asia in the public, biopharma, applied and clinical sectors provided industry specific insights. Results of the survey are presented, as are market size and growth estimates drawn from SDi’s extensive market research database. Secondary research also investigates common applications and vendors in the Real-Time, traditional, and digital PCR markets.

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