Lab Instrumentation Markets for Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals

27 Dec 2022

Drug development is a long and complicated process that involves several types of analytical instruments used in a variety of ways and purposes. Starting at early discovery, a targeted process occurs during drug and biomarker discovery to identifying a drug candidate. These drug candidates are then tested in preclinical and clinical trials, translational research, and finally manufacturing and QA/QC. Due to the nature of drugs and their interactions, knowing how a drug works, its side effects, the method of delivery, it’s efficacy, consistency in manufacturing, and more all must be tested using precise methods and accurate data. The instruments covered in this report are the primary sources for that data and form the critical infrastructure for pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic compounds. Further, innovations in the instruments, software controlling them, and analysis methods will further drive new biotherapeutics and drug formulations that are key to the success of the industry.

At the heart of all drug development is the pharmaceutical, biotech, and biopharmaceutical companies. They account for the majority of demand for these instruments, as they are the main commercial benefactors of biotherapeutics. These companies will often utilize contract research organizations and public sector organizations such as those in academia, the government, and research institutions to assist in the R&D process. Together and in conjunction with a regulatory framework, this network alongside instrument suppliers form a fast growing marketplace that has only been further helped by steady government investment. Future growth in the pharma/bio marketplace will be driven by new therapeutic modalities that are more specific to certain disease, delivered in better ways, with faster research and production timelines, and an increased reliance on personalization to patients. The resulting price tag and need for specific capital and infrastructure will further reliance on high throughput screening, automation, and reliance on CROs and CMOs that provide expertise and scale up resources.

Lab Instrumentation Markets for Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals is an in-depth examination of the major technologies used in the pharma/bio sector, encompassing 50 technologies in 9 categories. The report examines historical growth and provides forecasts for demand over the next five years. This report focuses on delivering insights into phases of discovery, therapeutic focus, and the challenges being faced in therapeutics development.


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