Autoimmune Immunoassay Brief

23 Sep 2021


A considerable number of diagnostic tests are available or in development for the detection of autoimmune diseases. Because of this potentially large and growing market, vast opportunity exists for discovery and advancement in this arena. Competition within this market is expected to increase dramatically. However, in fledgling autoimmune IVD diagnostic testing markets, a golden opportunity exists to capitalize on new testing innovations without significant competition.

In terms of test options, a substantial amount of overlap exists in the various autoimmune tests available. With the continued medical discovery of autoimmune conditions, the research and development of accurate tests to identify specific diseases provide the potential revenue opportunities that may exist for future tests and competitors.

Scope and Methodloogy 

Autoimmune Immunoassay Brief from Kalorama Information offers a geographic scope that is worldwide with information for specific geographical regions, world autoimmune demographics, and other general issues affecting the market. The market summary includes total market values, market analysis by region and test segment. Additionally, key company profiles are included.  The market does not include services for autoimmune immunoassay testing.

The information for this report was gathered using both primary and secondary research including comprehensive research of secondary sources such as company literature, databases, investment reports, and medical and business journals. Telephone interviews, in-person interviews and email correspondence were the primary methods of gathering information. For the purpose of this study, Kalorama Information conducted interviews with over 12 industry officials, consultants, health care providers, and government personnel.  These sources were the primary basis in gathering information specifically relating to revenue and market share data presented in this report.  Additional interviews were completed with relevant company representatives including marketing directors, division managers, and product representatives.

All market data pertains to the world market at the manufacturers’ level. The market includes manufacturer tests excluding services.  The base year for data was 2021. Compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) are provided for 2021-2026 periods. The forecasted market analysis for 2021-2026 was largely based on demographic trends, new developments, innovative technology and global expansion.


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