The Market for Liquid Biopsy

28 Dec 2021

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This report, The World Liquid Biopsy Market, 2021, from Kalorama Information, contains up-to-date information and useful data points for business planning:

  • Research vs. Clinical Liquid Biopsy
  • The Market for Liquid Biopsy by Region
  • The Market for Liquid Biopsy Market by Type of Analyte
  • The Market for CTC-based Liquid Biopsy
  • The Market for ctDNA-based Liquid Biopsy
  • The Market for EV and Exosome-based Liquid Biopsy
  • The Market for Multi-Analyte-based Liquid Biopsy
  • The Market for Other Liquid Biopsy
  • Liquid Biopsy Market by Type of Cancer (Breast, Lung, Colorectal, Ovarian, Prostate, Pan-Cancer, Other Cancer)
  • Selected ctDNA-based Liquid Biopsy Tests in Development
  • Selected Market-Available CTC-based Liquid Biopsy Tests, 2021
  • Selected Liquid Biopsy Tests That Assess Multiple Analytes, 2021

While tissue biopsies and imaging techniques remain the current standards of care in the diagnosis of solid tumors, they have risks and limitations and limitations, some of which can be overcome by the use of liquid biopsy in clinical oncology, as an alternative or complementary technique to the current standards of care.

Liquid biopsy testing has many potential applications in aspects of clinical oncology, including:

  • Early detection and diagnosis / screening
  • Alternative testing method when tissue biopsy is difficult/impossible, or when the primary site of metastatic disease is unknown
  • Therapy personalization and monitoring – by molecular characterization of a patient’s disease, clinicians can select the optimal course of therapy and monitor efficacy over time, as well as quickly react to adjust therapy should treatment resistance arise
  • Disease monitoring – to observe disease progression, tumor evolution, residual disease, and early detection of recurrence
  • Prognosis of disease