IVD Procedure Volumes 2020-2025

26 Feb 2021

SKU 21-015

In vitro diagnostic (IVD) test volumes are the gold standard for sizing the market opportunity for new entrants with diagnostic products, and they can be useful for existing product marketers. The market analysis in Kalorama’s IVD Test Procedure Volumes, 2020-2025 saves time with calculations and estimates of the both the existing number of procedures for scores of diagnostic tests, and the future potential. In the process, pricing analysis is also performed. This report is an essential resource for the IVD business planner.

IVD Test Procedure Volumes estimates IVD test procedure volume and IVD pricing for the following segments:

Worldwide IVD Market and Test Volume
Point-of-Care Market and Test Volume
Clinical Chemistry Market and Test Volume
Molecular Market and Test Volume
Hematology Market and Test Volume
Coagulation Market and Test Volume
Microbiology Market and Test Volume
Blood Screening Market and Test Volume
Histology/Cytology Market and Test Volume
Immunoassay Market and Test Volume
IVD Testing Segments and Global IVD Markets
The range of IVD procedures includes point-of-care and laboratory tests that are categorized according to the testing technology employed. Approximately 20 different technologies have been adapted to IVD applications. The pursuit of needed improvements in healthcare resources and capabilities will boost growth opportunities for IVD procedures and products in the majority of developing countries. The report provides the following IVD testing data points: