The Global Laboratory Consumables Market 2021

6 Aug 2021

Global Laboratory Consumables Market 2021 is intended to be a valuable market reference tool for a variety of laboratory product suppliers. It is designed for general management and marketing executives within this field, or with a vested interest in this field. Those involved in a particular technology category or product line can obtain up-to-date market data in their areas of interest, and gain insights into related or tangential areas. Those concerned with more than one segment, or the whole industry, can use the report to evaluate markets, the competitive landscape, or to identify opportunities and acquisition targets.

The content of this report is complementary to that of the SDi Global Assessment Report (GAR), which provides market information on the analytical and life science instrumentation industry. While laboratory consumable revenue is included in the GAR, it is not segmented or defined precisely. This publication is designed to categorize a large variety of consumables, quantify their market size across a variety of segments, and project their five-year growth pattern. It is important to note that this is an independent report, and that all market sizes, segmentations, and forecasts contained within it will not necessarily align with the data of previous SDi publications, including the GAR. As SDi continuously monitors and collects new information related to the laboratory instrument and consumable markets, market data is updated accordingly, even if it contradicts earlier estimates.


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