The Market and Future Potential for Molecular Point of Care

11 Mar 2020

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This report provides market sizing, forecasting, trend mapping and competitive analysis for point of care tests using PCR or other molecular technology with fast turnaround times and usability in near-patient settings. Major IVD companies such as Abbott and Roche compete in this segment, influenza competitors Sekisui and Quidel also operate, as do specialty concerns such as Curetis, Biocartis, and a host of small but innovative players.

Molecular point of care or mPOC systems are designed to be faster than lab-based tests while more accurate than existing point of care systems. Development of new systems and menu expansion on existing lines is constant. Kalorama Information defines molecular point of care or mPOC as consisting of devices marketed to customers outside the reference lab that run PCR or other DNA and RNA testing on a device with a small footprint. mPOC systems tend to have a result time fast enough for an office visit or bedside consultation. These systems feature cartridges or reduced preparation steps and limited interpretation of test results.

Less than 10 years from the launch of products this remains a novel test instrument area though with increasing market definition and participation by IVD majors. The market is by no means stable; there is still heavy competition and a need to justify purchases to providers. Kalorama’s report provides the current status of this market, including estimates of current sales of near patient molecular systems, forecasts for their future use, and the segments that they are best participating in. Though a global report in scope, regional market share is also provided.

The data in The Market and Future Potential for Molecular Point of Care includes information on systems and competitor analysis, as well as data on the size and growth of the market:
• Current Molecular POC Systems
• Molecular Point of Care Market: 2019-2024
• Molecular Point of Care Market Share by Vendor, 2019 ($M, %)
• Small-Footprint Molecular Point of Care Market, 2019 (%)
• Geographic Breakout of the Molecular Point of Care Market, 2019 (N. America, Europe, APAC, RoW)
• Segment Breakout of Molecular Point of Care Market, 2019 (Respiratory vs. Other)
• Breakout of Molecular Point of Care Market, 2019 (%; Respiratory, Other)
• Respiratory Segment Breakout, 2019 (Flu, RSV, Strep, Other)
• Breakout of mPOC Respiratory, 2019 (%; Flu, Strep, RSV, Other)
• Near Patient Molecular IVD Market: 2019-2024
• Near Patient Molecular Market Share by Vendor, 2019
• Company Profiles

Many trends are covered in the report, including menu expansion, disease statistics, the COVID-19 crisis, immunoassay competition and enhancement of those competitive POC systems, emerging markets, new journal studies about the efficacy of mPOC and other trends.

Companies profiled include:
• Abbott Laboratories
• Aidian Oy
• Akonni Biosystems
• binx health, inc.
• Biocartis NV
• bioMérieux SA
• Cepheid
• Credo Bioscience
• Curetis NV
• DiaSorin S.p.A
• GenMark Diagnostics
• Greiner Bio-One GmbH
• Meridian Bioscience, Inc.
• Mesa Biotech, Inc.
• QuantuMDx Group
• Quidel Corporation
• Roche
• Sekisui Diagnostics LLC
• T2 Biosystems

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